The outlet for community transformation already exists in indigenous leaders. World Impact seeks to form Kingdom-minded relationships that collaboratively love, serve, and engage under-resourced communities.


We understand that so many great ministries are already reaching the city and it is our desire to come alongside so that both ministries can glean and offer any expertise the other might have to offer. The Body of Christ is strongest and most effective when working together. It is our desire to be the bridge between suburban and urban churches so that they can both share and learn from each other. We also desire to see urban churches in the city linked together so they can reach communities together.

In the past five years, there has been a great increase in the number of ministry relationships developed throughout our Midwest Region. Friendships with churches and like-minded ministries are a great starting point for sharing knowledge and resources. The Urban Church Association (UCA) is a strategic way we bring these relationships together. In Wichita, the UCA has local oversight. The number of involved churches is consistently growing and it is now the Wichita Fortified Urban Church Association. Pastors and leaders from various sizes and types of churches and ministries come to be a part of something bigger, to link arms with each other for encouragement, prayer, and the sharing of ideas and resources.

We are always open to more partnership opportunities. If your organization is interested in talking to someone about a potential partnership opportunity, please fill out the form below.

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