Local leaders can get plugged in and energized through resources developed for the urban context. World Impact equips indigenous leaders to shepherd the people of God within their own communities through TUMI, Conferences, the Associates Initiatives and others.

The Urban Ministry Institute

The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) is our affordable, seminary level training that was developed for the urban context, but has proven effective for reaching all types of people in North America and now around the world! TUMI classes are currently being taught in 14 countries around the world and is currently being translated into three new languages (Romanian, Telegu, an Indian language, and Arabic. There are already interested partners hoping to translate the curriculum into French, Portuguese, Hindi, Italian, Amharic (Ethiopia), Creole, Swahili, and Nepalese. TUMI sites are being added daily!

In the Midwest, we currently offer TUMI classes in various locations in Dallas, Denver, St. Louis, Topeka and Wichita as well as in local jails and prisons. If you are interested in learning more about taking a class or assisting with the translation of the Capstone curriculum, click on the button below.

Conferences & Retreats

Our conferences and retreats are growing each year! We are able to include like-minded churches from around the Midwest for a wonderful weekend of equipping in the Word, fellowship and games, and empowerment to continue fighting the good fight. Retreats and Conferences are currently happening in Kansas and Texas in both English and Spanish. Our vision has always been to see these retreats reproduce and take on local leadership and we see that happening in the coming years. 

World Impact Ministry Developers

To empower indigenous leaders to facilitate efforts in expanding as many healthy church plants as quickly as possible we employ and partner with Ministry Associates and Independent Contractors. These men and women are wholeheartedly evangelizing and equipping those in their community so they are empowered to shepherd the people of God within their own neighborhood.

“Though imprisoned, she experienced true freedom. God released her from her guilt and shame and healed wounds from her past.”

A missionary, a prostitute and a murderer walk into a bowling alley…

That sounds like the start of a terrible joke that I would immediately walk away from because it is likely offensive in some way. But, it is not a joke at all! I was recently able to travel with another missionary friend to Denver, Colorado, and did indeed bowl with two amazing women that have prostitution and murder in their past. We laughed, we bowled, we high-fived – it was a fun weekend!

The purpose for my trip was to film Jennie’s testimony for our Regional Women’s Retreats. Jennie is a part of our Denver TUMI team after having spent 24 years behind bars for murder. Through this terrible tragedy, she came to know Christ as her Lord and Savior and though imprisoned, she experienced true freedom. God released her from her guilt and shame and healed wounds from her past. In her testimony, she shares this journey so that the ladies at the retreat may know that God can and will free them from whatever has them in bondage.

Our theme this year is RELEASED: Empowered to Live Free and we are using Psalm 107:14 as our key verse – “He broke them out of darkness, the utter darkness, and broke away their chains.” This year the Midwest hosted four women's retreats in April – two in Texas and two in Kansas; two in English and two in Spanish. The English-speaking Dallas retreat started us off on the second weekend of April with 84 women. April 15-17, 145 women gathered to worship together and seek to be released from any chains holding them back at MSR Camp & Retreat Center in Kansas. Fourty-five Dallas Spanish-speaking sisters heard the hope of freedom in Christ the next weekend and finally 40 Spanish-speaking sisters in Kansas let go of the chains holding them captive. God is at work in the city!