Jennifer Reali

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Jennie brings years of experience with women in trouble and finding their way into the judicial system. She plans create a TUMI site at the Inside/Out Re-entry program for ex-offenders and create a church that will welcome those released from prison and on their return to the greater Denver area.

Jennie was diagnosed in October of 2014 with pancreatic cancer, had surgery in May of 2015 and is now healthy and says, “I give all honor to God for my healing. I thank our Lord for choosing to keep me here in the land of the living for His Kingdom purposes.”

During the thick of the illness she prayed that her life or death would give God glory. If dying and going home to Him would bring Him the greatest glory than she was fine with that. Yet if the greatest glory came from living; then she wanted to be healed. God healed her and has brought me so much closer to Himself.

Jennie has a passion for music and writing to inspire the Believer’s soul. If you are interested in learning more about this, please contact her. Proceeds support the ministry in Denver.