The Church is the transformative power of Christ in the community. By planting healthy urban churches, neighborhoods will be empowered to transform in visible ways. World Impact strives to plant as many churches as possible among diverse urban cultures.

We have aptly named our church planting efforts Crowns of Beauty for it is through the local church that communities will be transformed and souls will be won for the Kingdom.

We train all our church planters, staff and ministry partners, through our Evangel School of Urban Church Planting. These schools are taking place throughout the year in multiple cities throughout our region.

The Christ the Victor Church Planting Movement was born in the Midwest and is taking root across the country. It is the primary way in which we plant churches in the Midwest and you can learn more about it here.


Good Neighbor. A vignette about the heartbeat of our church plants.

One of the greatest tools in being able to start churches in the city is being a neighbor. Shopping at the same grocery stores, seeing the same late-night police lights, and being able to wave hello and goodbye as you come and go from your home are great equalizers.

Midwest church planters Tim and Cynthia bought a house that had been vacant for two years and was a real fixer-upper. They knew it would be a lot of work, but they were up for it! What they did not expect were all the stories that would come from this home. As neighbors saw them tearing down walls and building a front porch, they lingered to tell stories about the house – past residents, events and lawn care. Eventually the porch was completed but the neighbors continued to stop by and chat.

During Christmas, World Impact partners with a local church that supplies Christmas food baskets. Tim and Cynthia received a few baskets to pass out to their neighbors. As they presented a Christmas turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie and much more, they were invited into their neighbors’ homes. At one house, they were able to cry with and pray for a family that was grieving the deaths of two family members. As the family shared memories of their loved ones, a bond was strengthening and an invitation to join a small but growing church was shared.

Tim and Cynthia have a small group of people that meet at their home for church, which is a Christ the Victor Church plant and part of an Urban Church Association. Although they are small in number, they link arms with many other churches in World Impact’s Midwest Region.