About the Mobile Medical Ministry

The World Impact Mobile Medical Clinic is a free medical clinic that travels to different communities in Wichita in partnership with our church planting association. The Mobile Clinic is a 35-foot mobile medical van that is fully equipped with exam and treatment rooms and medical equipment. Medical services provided include acute primary care, blood pressure checks, blood sugar testing, breathing treatments, preventative healthcare, physical examinations, pregnancy tests, sonograms, health education and counseling. They provide continuing care for conditions such as diabetes, heart problems and arthritis.

The Mobile Clinic allows us to take our medical services into World Impact church planting neighborhoods to serve medical needs of residents and provide outreach opportunities in those communities. In addition, we partner with churches who host a medical team that provides basic medical care at different locations around Wichita. The Mobile provides a great avenue for these churches to connect with people in their respective communities, providing people not only with the medical care they need but also with more ongoing care as they connect with the churches. The churches have seen growth as a result of patients from the Mobile Clinic beginning to attend.

The Good Samaritan Clinic has been a medical home for the urban poor of Sedgwick County since 1987. In 2010, World Impact partnered with GraceMed to take over operations of the clinic. Recently expanded and remodeled, the Good Samaritan Clinic is the primary care facility for approximately 3,000 people, most of whom live in designated medically underserved areas (according to census demographic findings).

World Impact HIPPA Statement