The Lord began calling Mary to urban ministry a number of years ago and she has responded with a life of sacrifice, passion and love among the urban poor. God called her from a life of brokenness (including alcoholism in her family and the death of her mom when she was nine), into relationship with Himself. The Lord carried her on adventures and training that led her to the heart of the city. She considers it an honor to minister among and train and equip people from the city. She is currently leading church services and classes in jail, teaches TUMI classes, hangs out with people in the neighborhood, and counts missionaries and people who serve the urban poor among her friends.

Mary acknowledges God as the one who has and continues to completely re-oriented her to His ways and identity. He has brought her one step at a time, through compelling love, to the point where He could entrust her with a few of His dreams for the city. She feels privileged to be one of the many people God is calling to love the city and she is grateful for all that is being done to raise up leaders for the hearts of our cities.