Deronda Aiken

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Born in Kansas, and living in Wichita at least four different times, Deronda Aiken’s earliest memories comprise of watching the exciting car races her talented father was winning, and as early as two years old, having Jesus as her best friend! Before she turned five, both parents became sold-out Christians and Deronda then enjoyed helping her parents in church after her father was called in the ministry and took his first church. 

Being willing to help however it was needed became the pattern of her life; firstly as the pastor’s family – filling in the gaps when no one else was available, as well as enjoying teaching Sunday school, participating through music, and leading the Children’s Ministry for a time.  As life developed, seeing so many needs in the local church, Deronda enjoyed a long-term career at a local Christian bookstore – the Better Book Room – and made many friendships that have lasted until this day. Working in a business with a Christian worldview, but with a variety of theological views was very interesting and a powerful model of how the body of Christ could be greatly used as a blessing to others when working for a common goal. 

Life has had some incredible surprises the past 15 years, as Deronda became an entrepreneur and while doing business development consulting, a love for the country and people of Turkey was put in her heart. After obtaining her International Business degree from WSU, she lived in Istanbul for five years, where she also became involved in fighting human trafficking; a calling that has followed her back to the States.  

Deronda is enjoying once again using her business skillset in the HR Department of World Impact; an organization with the same Christian worldview as her local church (Wichita First Church of the Nazarene), which is an urban church and serving those in need. Deronda enjoys singing in the choir, and being in fellowship in her SS class, as well as serving in the fight against Human Trafficking. For fun, she enjoys rollerblading, keeping up with friends around the world – through travel when possible, reading, music – both playing and listening, and spending time with friends and family.