Ben Davis

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Ben is a life-long resident of Wichita, KS. He grew up in the Riverside area and his family attended an Assemblies of God church nearby. At an early age Ben was confident that he would serve the local church in some capacity, though he wasn’t certain how it would come about or what it would look like. The center of Ben’s family and social life growing up was situated in his local congregation: his character and general worldview were shaped and molded by fellow congregants and the continued rhythms of weekly church life.

After graduating from North High School, Ben attended Kansas State University wherein he studied Classics, history and political philosophy, respectively. The requirements for these studies forced Ben to become a disciplined reader. Over a short time his disciplined reading schedule gave way to an acquired love for books and ideas that has served to deepen his knowledge and faith in considerable ways.

After leaving university, Ben took a position as campaign manager for then-Secretary of State candidate, Kris Kobach. This was an instructive time for Ben on many fronts as he quickly had to learn how to plan and execute large events, raise money, speak to the media, organize volunteer efforts, and build campaign strategy – all of which he had no prior experience doing. Thankfully, after much work, Ben was able to lead Secretary Kobach to victory in both a contentious primary and general election in November, 2010. Following that, Ben went to work in the local Wichita office of U.S. Senator Jerry Moran. During his two and a half year tenure there, Ben primarily represented the person and political interests of Sen. Moran around Kansas and the Wichita area.

Seeking a change in purpose and direction, Ben left Sen. Moran’s office in the summer of 2013 and entered the private business sector at Sasnak Management Corporation, a holding company which owns Carlos O’Kelly’s and Applebee’s Restaurants, among other entities. There, Ben worked closely with executive vice presidents on special projects related to hiring processes and real estate development. Not too long after joining Sasnak, Ben was approached with the possible opportunity to come on staff at World Impact. Ben’s love for the local church, and his desire, especially through TUMI, to see urban leaders transformed by a first-rate theological education, lead him to prayerfully accept the position. As Director of Development and Partnerships, Ben may bring the full repertoire of his skills to bear as he works to build upon and partner with local pastors, churches, and business and community leaders to expand the various ministries of World Impact. Ben is excited for the opportunity to serve God’s kingdom through the ministry of World Impact. What’s more, he is excited to see how the Father will use this ministry to further expand his kingdom purposes throughout the world (Isa. 11.9b).

On November 10, 2012, Ben married the love of his life, Lauren Davis. They met on a blind date the previous year and it was love at first site (at least that was the case for Ben!). Lauren is a University of Kansas graduate (boo!), and currently works as a reading para at Cottonwood Elementary School in Andover, KS. She plans to go back to school to attain a second bachelor’s degree in education. The Davis’s purchased their first home in the College Hill area, where they reside with their dog, Anna. They welcomed their first child, Henry Tyler, into their family June 27, 2015. They are partners of City Life Church.