By Tina Busenitz

I am never more humbled than when I stand in the presence of the dear women who attend our Regional SIAFU Women’s Retreats. These women come from all over the Midwest: Wichita, Dallas, Topeka, Kansas City and St. Louis. They are mothers, grandmothers, aunties and friends. Most of all, they are sisters in Christ. The theme for this year’s retreat is: “Sisterhood: Standing Strong Together- Empowered to Fight the Battle. For a brief weekend, these stalwart soldiers of the faith link arms and encourage one another. They proclaim the reign of Christ in their homes, neighborhoods and cities. Many come with scars and wounds- yet, by the power of the Holy Spirt, they press on to win more for Christ.

Many of our sisters from the Topeka ministry exemplify the gritty perseverance of soldiers for Christ. They have overcome hardships in their personal lives in order that they might teach and mentor others. One of these women, Tshlaine, has become a voice for those who are lost. A published author, she uses her words and poetry to tell about how Christ redeemed her life. She wrote and led our “Battle Cry” that we would enthusiastically chant each session. I especially love this line: “Sisters in Christ, that’s who we are! We stand together against all odds. We stand tall with power and might. We are equipped and ready to fight!”

Our Spanish-speaking ladies were no less enthusiastic at their retreat which was our first Spanish–speaking retreat led by an indigenous leader. There were amazing times of group prayer where ladies shared from their hearts while others laid hands on them. One woman, who struggles with fibromyalgia, texted me the following week after she had been prayed over at the retreat: “Since you prayed for me on Friday I have been made new! I feel like a new person and I know it’s all by the mighty power of God. The retreat was one big blessing in my life. “

We give all glory to God for all that happened at these retreats. Please pray that the Lord will continue the good work He did in these precious women’s lives.