unshakeable. unwavering.

Two first-time Men’s Conference attendees share their perspective of this year’s event from two different vantage points, yet with similar observations. Over 200 men attended "Unshakeable Kingdom. Unwavering Warrior." in Dallas and at MSR Camp & Retreat Center in Kansas. Be praying for the men that will attend our Spanish conference later this month.

From Pastor Dioane Gates, Senior Pastor of Mending Place at South City, who served as our conference emcee this year:
What an empowering weekend!  My first SIAFU Men's Conference has left me revitalized and laser focused on my purpose.  As emcee, I had a unique vantage point both physically and spiritually.  At a men's conference you would expect to see strength often displayed in rough and rugged exteriors.  But the thing that made our time together most fulfilling was the vulnerability these men shared.  Through recreation, worship, testimonies, prayer and the receiving of the Word, we were able to show wounds that life would normally instruct us to hide.  This 'uncovering', came about by the earnest desire of the men in the room to leave better then they came. The Holy Spirit did not disappoint.  I believe that we all left clearer about our God given purpose.  I'm more certain than ever that vulnerability must precede strength. My one regret is that I hadn't attended in previous years.
Because...WE ARE CLEAR!

From Amber Carter, missionary with World Impact in Wichita who served as a kitchen volunteer for the weekend:
I cannot tell you exactly why I thought volunteering to feed 130 men for a weekend conference sounded like a good idea, but boy am I glad I did! I had no idea how life-giving and encouraging a men’s conference could be to me, one of only seven women that were at MSR Camp that weekend. I was overwhelmed and energized by all the conversations I overheard when refilling the coffee or wiping down a table, or just watching from the back of the room on a break. In general, these men are the stereotypical manly men – tall, strong, covered in tattoos and with stories to put a tough guy to shame. But these men had encountered Jesus. And they were changed. They never held back, shared deeply with each other about very personal things in their lives that happened to them and that they had done to others and are willing to use their pasts to lead others to Christ. There were definitely ‘manly games’ played and I am sure not near enough showers were taken, but these guys are the real deal. And it is my honor to be a sister in Christ with such dedicated brothers.  

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