Love Thy Neighbor

By Andrew Medlen 

Two weeks ago I pulled into my driveway and I saw two cops get out of their car and start to move very quickly towards my next door neighbor’s house.  I took my son inside the house and went back outside to see what was going down.  In the next few minutes there were 6 cop cars and an ambulance right down the street.  My next door neighbor had gotten into an altercation with another neighbor down the street. 

Everything eventually calmed down, but during the heat of the moment my neighbor, the boyfriend of the woman in the altercation, and three other neighbors, whom I have only seen in passing, were all talking next door in the street.  I went to check on him and we started talking about how his girlfriend was the one in the altercation and he was not happy about it to say the least.  I talked with my neighbors for about ten minutes and I knew the Holy Spirit was telling me to pray for the group.  I was nervous, as I had never met some of my neighbors before. But when I said 'I think we should pray,' everyone bowed their heads.  

I finished praying and he was very appreciative. I let him know that I am available to hang out with his kids or whatever he needed.  Things died down and his girlfriend came back around that night and everything seemed to be ok. 

Today I was mowing my grass and my neighbor, his girlfriend and her mother were sitting out front in their car arguing.  His girlfriend called over to me and asked me if I could pray for the three of them.  You see, my neighbor must have told his girlfriend that I prayed for her two weeks ago during the altercation.  I led the three in prayer and tears started to flow.  I ended and was walking away and I heard the girlfriend say “love thy neighbor and that right there is a good neighbor.”  

God is at work in the city and just being available for support and prayer is sometimes the best thing a “good neighbor” can do.  Please continue to pray with and for us - our block is in need of a great revival!