Summer Camps


By Candy Gibson

SUMMER! This is my favorite season; I love the warmth, the sun, the water, and camp! For 10 years I have had the privilege of taking urban kids, teens and families to camp. I have been part of them leaving the city and discovering God in a new way, outside the chaos of their reality. As the weather gets warmer, the violence often increases in the neighborhood. In leaving the city and going away to camp, many fears are settled and restless nights become peaceful dreams.

With all that I love about camps: boating, swimming, human foosball, giggles and sun- there is something even better- the Gospel being proclaimed daily. It is taught through songs, memory verses, devotions, chapel times, and the godly attitudes of the camp staff. It has always been a joy to hear tough guys sing Prince of Peace and to see girls singing How He Loves while swinging together. These glimpses of what heaven will look like bring joy and excitement to my heart.

This past summer I was one of the camp speakers at MSR Camp & Retreat Center, the World Impact camp in Kansas. I had so much fun bringing the Word and breaking down scripture. The campers listened and interacted, some of them even said, “This is the first time I understood that Bible story.” It does not get better than that!

With summer under way, please join me in praying for all of the kids, teens and families who will be attending World Impact Camps this summer.


  • children, youth and families will hear the truth of the Gospel in a new way
  • fun will be had
  • staff will be well rested and encouraged
  • those with questions about Jesus will ask them

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